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Eric’s Parents Remember Their Son By Drawing a Paint-Up

Eric’s people Sheri and Patrick Leighton have been given a permanent tattoo on their son’s face with a set of frames and pictures of them, always reminding them of their son.

Patrick Leighton is the father of an Ottawa child who died after a school explosion in May 2011.

Eric’s Folks Sheri and Patrick Leighton made up our minds to remember the eternal memory of their son, and with them wherever they went.

“Once there was one thing I had to do. It was only two weeks after Eric donated. I just knew I had to do it, ”said Eric’s father Patrick.

Patrick Leighton is no longer the one who felt the urge to have eternal memories in his frame. Eric’s mother, sister, grandmother and two friends also wanted to get a tattoo on their frame so they could always remember their son, brother and friend and get tattoos.

Eric’s father Patrick Leighton thinks about filling his arm and remembering his son’s lifestyle. For Sheri’s mother, tattoos should also remind the stage of the ways in which Eric died.

Sheri Leighton says her tattoos will remind her of her son’s life and how sad he died.

He says: “I do not need other people to be ignored. That’s my main feature that some people forget who he was. To me he is sitting here. Everyone will see him. ”

Eighteen-year-old Eric was killed in a store explosion at Ottawa’s Mom Theresa Prime Faculty May 26 in the 12 months of 2011. The Department of Labor has launched an investigation but has not yet begun to present its findings.

Tattoo artist Richard Morrissette says commemorative tattoos are not an uncommon follow-up. “It always happens, high-end images are eradicated because some people cast a ghost or any unhealthy person …”

Leighton said they did not know exactly how they would get into Christmas in the next 12 months. For the first time since Eric died.