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Tаttoо Соnventionon Brussels Belgium 2022

Kamila Burzymowska recently collected some of the most beautiful images of our 2017 Brussels Tattoo Conference! The conference represents Europe as a whole and — despite the absence of its own advertising and marketing staff — artists from all over the world learn about it and flock to its markets. These 12 months have marked the attendance of the report, with many artists even turning consumers away because of the high cost! Naturally, this supposedly some of the most beautiful tattoos came out of the conference.

People also presented the best designs at the conference. Dressed in elaborate costumes and stunning hair colors, many women make sure their tats are impressive wherever they go! Men wore tank tops or quick sleeves to check — and people forgot to adorn them properly until they had their sleeves ready! As with all tattoo designs, people make up part of the show, and the tattoo-focused Brussels look once more beautiful.

With a high level of professionalism, a large number of artists, and crowded hallways, a tattoo conference has had one effect. The toilet! Unity. No less than they kept it empty! Many of us also did not like the volume of crowded people at the conference. Instead of that claustrophobia, the adventure has left a positive impression on every visitor. The con additionally equipped the aisles higher than the old one, but a large number of people were crowded there.

To make matters worse, a number of women in elaborate costumes came with flaming scissors. Combined with flaming crosses, fire hoses, and an excellent sense of movement, these women were amazed by their pyrotechnics. In fact, many artists have spent a lot of time filling out orders at their local store to enjoy the show, and yet the guests loved the show!

Conference Artists
As for the winners of the competition, Wealthy Harris, Sergio Enekas, and Emilie B got the most out of the daily conference demonstrations. Chris Papadakis introduced the taste of the best American school, Paulo Altomare elaborated on the most beautiful Asian tattoos, Jurgis Mikalauskas painted the most effective color, and Tsoie dominated the large black and gray area. The various winners came with Karan Sarin with a beautiful black work, Jay freestyle with a beautiful photo design, Roberta da Silva with a perfect black and gray color, and Oash Rodriguez with a very nice little black color. Overall, Jay Freestyle got a good look with his intricate and amazing tattoos. Everyone confirmed his excellent talent and found our unique art approach.

The next conference will be on November 11, 2018, and I strongly advise you to attend! Transfer your whole wardrobe — with outer sleeves, actually — and maintain a place for your pores and skin for one new and impressive item. This tattoo hits everything in the water and I put this in the very cleverness of the unforgettable list of tattoo meetings!

After all, this trick has introduced a new era of people coming together to experience Inked Global tattoo art.